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Becoming involved in our programs:

Thank you for your interest in RAHH!  Volunteering with our organization is a wonderfully humbling and fulfilling experience.  Please reach out to us to begin volunteering! 

Persons interested in applying to our programs:

Welcome to RAHH!  If you wish to apply for our programs we encourage you to reach out to us!  Our team is happy to assist you in finding a program(s) that will meet the needs of you and your family.


RAHH Easter Program

The RAHH Easter Program is held in the spring of every year and supplies families with basic hygiene items, toys, candy and Easter baskets.  

RAHH Christmas Program

The RAHH Christmas Program is held during the winter holiday season and supplies families with wished-for items, clothing, basic supplies and a food care package.  The Christmas Program is our most popular program! 

RAHH Milk Money Program

The RAHH Milk Money Program

takes place during the school year and provides mid-morning milk to area children grades Kindergarten through third. RAHH graciously accepts cash donations for this program.  

RAHH School Start Program

The RAHH School Start Program

takes place at the beginning of the fall school semester.  This program provides school supplies to area children.  The supplies are donated through community involvement.  


To donate: shop locally, purchase school supplies, and donate the item(s) in the box marked "RAHH" at the establishment.  

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